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Hannah Kaizer – Safelink Consulting
Hannah Kaizer

I have worked with the SafeLink team throughout my tenure as the OSHA coordinator within my family’s dental laboratory. I am grateful for their help ensuring that we meet all safety requirements to keep both our laboratory family and the dentists we work with safe. From Mary and Gary’s knowledge, to Sandy’s uncanny ability to coordinate laboratory visits (even during COVID), the entire team is amazing! I have had the pleasure of attending courses presented by Gary at LMT’s Lab Day, worked one-on-one with Mary on standards and protocols within the lab, and have had the pleasure of having Gary on-site to comb through every corner of our physical facility to guarantee that we are OSHA compliant. The SafeLink team takes a strict industry and infuses their knowledge, friendly personalities, and most important, their humor to make the process enjoyable. I appreciate the knowledge that comes from every interaction with their team and rely on them when I need guidance.

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