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Failure to provide Health and Safety Training is one of the most frequently cited OSHA violations. Supporting a viable safety program instead of government penalties and fines is more cost-effective, prevents stress, reduces lost work hours due to injury or illness, and protects your business’ reputation. How often do I need to train my employees? Training requirements vary according to federal and state regulations. For instance, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to train employees immediately upon hire, when new hazards are introduced, and in some cases annually on health & safety.
Training employees and meeting the OSHA standard can be difficult when juggling a variety of business demands.
SafeLink Consulting has the expertise and knowledge to help you train your employees to meet OSHA Standards. Our consultants are skilled in training employees on health and safety requirements specific to the dental practice, dental laboratory, beverage, manufacturing and general industry.Training is delivered to employees in a manner that ensures knowledge retention and brings positive results. Training sessions are available in a variety of formats.

Workplace Safety Training Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Training delivered by a third-party, such as SafeLink Consulting, creates better acceptance by employees. SafeLink’s training will lay the foundation for your team to recognize the most common safety and health hazards found in your work environment. In preparation, your specific safety procedures and concerns are discussed with SafeLink so that they can be addressed in the training. SafeLink also provides OSHA-required training documentation and continuing education credit. Our presentations change every year making the training more interesting and up-to-date for annual refresher training.  Your in-house OSHA coordinator can also be trained on their responsibilities for executing and maintaining your safety program.
From onsite to virtual to online options we can meet your safety compliance needs in a variety of delivery formats.

SafeLink Consulting’s training format options include:

  • Onsite Safety Training – We have found that face to face interaction is the best way to train your team. This training is best suited to meet your business’ safety training requirements. The training is customized for your business and presented in a fun, interactive format utilizing colorful presentations with rewards. OSHA-required training forms and registers are completed onsite for all your team members in attendance. Continuing education credit is available if needed. A Certificate of Completion for your business is also provided to display in your facility.
  • Virtual Safety Training – This type of training is ideal when onsite is not feasible. Virtual training is presented to your team in a live webinar format. It is best suited to meet your business’ annual safety training requirements. It is customized and relevant to your business policies and procedures. A live person conducts the training, typically in an interactive format, giving your team the opportunity to respond or ask questions during the training. All OSHA-required documentation is provided for you to complete and retain. Your training will be available from a secure site online to view for up to one month after the training for anyone who was not able to make the initial training. Continuing education credit is available if needed.
  • Online Safety Training CoursesGet industry or job-specific safety training with these educational video courses. These online courses are great for new hire employees, safety coordinators, managers, and anyone needs continuing education. Courses offer an optional quiz and certificate of completion.
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