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Safety Compliance Assessment – Safelink Consulting

Why is assessing OSHA compliance so vital?

Assessing your business is the only way to know if you are providing a safe environment for your employees. The Assessment:
  1. Verifies if you have effective work practices in place
  2. Confirms you are properly following all applicable OSHA Standards
  3. Discloses your risk position and prevention needs

Conducting a thorough compliance assessment by a third-party auditor like SafeLink Consulting is proven to be the most effective method of determining your risk position regarding safety. An expert SafeLink safety consultant can survey your facility, your work practices, and your current safety program including the OSHA Standards that apply to your business. The assessment is followed up with a detailed written audit report of prevention needs.
Options for determining your risk position and prevention needs regarding safety:
  • Onsite Assessment – Conducting a survey onsite by an expert consultant is proven to be the most effective approach and what we recommend for an initial client visit. This is the best way to tour your facility and review your work practices in action.
  • Virtual Assessment – Conducting a survey virtually is an effective method for follow up of initial onsite visit or when onsite is not feasible. An expert SafeLink consultant provides virtual assessment of your facility and work practices.
Let SafeLink Consulting be your compliance solution to OSHA regulations. Support an effective safety program instead of government penalties and fines. Contact us to schedule your safety compliance assessment. Improve Your Safety Program Through Incident Investigation Procedure: https://info.safelinkconsulting.com/blog/incident_investigation

SafeLink Consulting assists the following industries with safety compliance:

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